Where to Pick Up a Meal or Treat in Old Sacramento

When visiting the Old Sacramento area, tourists often want to know the best places to eat. The easiest way to find this information is to make use of the Sacramento Top 10 Old Sacramento Restaurant Guide. However, don't simply use this guide to find more on restaurants Old Sac. The guide provides a wealth of information of importance to those visiting the city as well as residents. For example, a person can use this guide to learn where to obtain a smog check and more. Following are some restaurants that may be found in this guide and why they are included.

Cafes and Delis

A person may simply want to grab a quick bite to eat or pick up a coffee and dessert to munch on while they visit local attractions. Ball Kitchen on Front Street is a great place to accomplish either of these goals and is a hit with the locals. For those in the mood for pizza, head on down the street to Slice of Old Sac Pizza or grab a sub from the neighborhood Subway restaurant. There's something for everyone when it comes to cafes and delis in the area, so people can have something different every day they are in the community.


After a long day at work or visiting with friends, a person may wish to enjoy a sit-down meal, and there are numerous Old Town Sacramento Restaurants to pick from. Head over to The Firehouse Restaurant for Chef's Tasting Meal, and be sure to check out the extensive wine selection. For live music, Laughs Unlimited is a great choice or take in a comedy show. The entertainment here is sure to please a wide variety of personalities, making it the perfect choice for a casual business dinner or a night out with friends.


Sometimes, a person wants nothing more than something sweet to eat to finish off their day and the best restaurants in Old Sacramento excel in this area. Sample the many treats at Munchies or pick up some donuts for the office at Danny's Mini-Donuts. These are only two of the many choices available to those who are in the neighborhood, and there are numerous others.

Be sure to check the Sacramento Top 10 website to find information on a wide variety of businesses. This is one site every resident and visitor to the city should have bookmarked, as it has a wealth of information at one's fingertips. Don't guess when choosing a place to patronize. Doing so can be a costly mistake that can easily be avoided with one visit to the site.